Wood crate service

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Wood crate service

Wooden enclosures are important products to ensure the goods. Not damaged, damaged in the process of relocation, transportation. Especially for goods that are machine equipment that is easily damaged during transportation.

HD Asean Co., Ltd. with a staff of highly skilled, well trained, many years of experience in close the box . We are confident to bring our customers the best quality wooden crate service.

The benefits of using Wooden Box are the protection of goods. Avoid damage during transportation or export

Packing process in our company

Step 1: Employees will perform measurements of size, quality, weight calculation of machines.

Step 2: Plan accordingly to the machines tested above.

Step 3: After the plan, the staff conducts the consultation and quotes the customer.

Step 4: Sign the packing contract.

Step 4: Do the packing job as signed.

Step 5: Hand over, check the goods, pay the contract.

The above steps are the process of packing our closed wood, if you have any needs or questions about the package, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to answer for you.

Some pictures close the sealed wooden bucket

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HD Asean Việt Nam Co., Ltd

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