Timber Closure


Timber Closure

Wooden bales are making an optimal choice to protect your goods.
Over time Vietnam has made great strides in joining
Many markets are as strong as AFTA in the ASEAN Free Trade Area
The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the recent Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership (TTP) agreement
Therefore, the goods import and export from Vietnam are very large with many goods
High security, avoid stamping, break or damage the need for protective cover.
That is the package of wood is enclosed around the block of goods that function as a plate
Shielding for product merchandise so that products are always safe on every journey

Function of wood:

Timber is the outer layer when the need to transport the parachute goods
any means of transportation to avoid shock, damage, breakage, or other external effects.
Most of the time, commodities such as electrical cabinets, televisions, chemicals, other fragile devices
Mostly wooden bales

What are the benefits when goods are protected by a piece of wood?

During shipping, packages may be damaged by impact or displacement if the package is used
cartons or cartons can be damaged because they do not protect the goods.
Bales for loading and unloading of goods easily, saving energy porters,
Can be ordered in a neat, scientific, space-saving package
Some of our wooden bales

Why should you choose HD Asean Vietnam?
HD Asean Vietnam is a company specialized in packing goods nationwide. You are a smart customer then sure
You will look to reputable companies. Come to HD Asean Vietnam, the quality, price and style of work are professional to bring satisfaction to customers.

The benefits of choosing Asean HD

In order to bring maximum benefits to our customers, we will advise you how to wooden bales to match the sample, weight, goods shipped to domestic or export internationally …
To commit to our wood bales service is always of good quality.

Our wooden products are manufactured with the best quality wood, meeting export standards.
In addition, we are equipped with modern machinery and staff enthusiastic, professional to meet the needs, orders of customers.
In addition to the available wooden pallets, we supply wooden pallets according to customers’ requirements.

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