Professional wooden crates

We specialize in wooden crates in the country according to your order, according to your requirements, conform to international standards to ensure solid and durable.

Measurement and design of the original design for the customer, this step is very important because the sample must meet the first is the size of the product, not too large or too small compared to the goods. Select the type of wood suitable for the requirements of the goods. The type of wood selected by the customer according to customer requirements and cost of transportation of goods.

Determine the delivery time. Delivery time affects product quality and transportation time should pay special attention, technical review of barrels. Techniques for clearing wood barrels are very important, ensuring that timber barrels are of correct technical quality and quality, according to the load of products.

The most important thing is to be able to withstand the load of the goods, avoiding the breakdown of the crates and damaging the product inside the crates.

project implementation