Three-Piece Wood Container

HDLG-303B :
Price: 302,000


  • Convenient, fast reusable assembly

  • There are many sizes to choose from

  • cost savings
  • wooden crate

    Step 3: After setting up the plan, company employees conduct a quote for the customer.

    Step 4: Follow the assembly process

    Step 5: Carry out the transfer, check the customer, pay the contract.

    Product Information

    We supply 3 piece, 6 piece and stacked wooden crates
    We have many sizes, models and categories for you to choose from
    The 3 piece HDLG303B is a rectangular barrel that is suitable for storing goods for transporting and exporting or for storing old containers for storage.

    Technical Specifications
    Container Size (m) Chess
    long Width high
    0.60 0.60 0.60 8mm usually

    Wood type: 2 x 600 x 70 mm wood


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