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Electronics packing

Electronics goods consist: laptop, printer, UPS, telephone, LCD monitor

The characteristics of the commodity is easy handling, perishable when suffer physical effects during transport ( bumps , suppressed .. ) . These impacts are inevitable , so the packing of goods of this group need to follow a special way to ensure the safety of goods .

a)     Goods still in box of manufactuer or still keep packing material of manufacturer
For large-sized goods are required to be closed timber . Depending on the type of goods or merchandise of the status quo , the Red Ants will advise customers packaging requirements more like play more porous materials , plywood sealed suck … or … – For those commodities small size ( weighing less than 3 kg or under 30cm size dimensions ) : this is the object vulnerable goods by the physical impact such as impact , compression insert .. during transportation . Hence the need to use the type of cushioning material ( soft powder , foam , foam … ) surrounded by canned goods or timber to minimize this impact .

Some types of goods packaging manufacturers meet the standards of the transport packaging , customers do not need to pack . However necessity to perform tasks such as tape around the barrel surface and edges , reinforced with straps bearing …

For customers goods packaging requirements , the Red Ants will not be responsible in case of accident damaged during shipping .

The types of billing documents accompanying the goods need to be close to the inside of the container , and provide a copy of Red Ants witnesses from traveling.

b)    Goods without box of manufactuer

The  goods has to perform packing stages as follows:

1.     Use nylon material sealed water resistant to wrap goods .

2.     Use foam materials , porous bearing material ( typically porous air Bubble nilon) to wrapped goods

3.     Cover goods with carton box, pressure bearing foam or wooden frame or comnination of both.

4.     Use of porous materials , foam sheet… to fill the gaps in the box or fixed reinforcement of goods positions .

5.     Attach goods with invoices and vouchers of goods inwards and provide a copy for moving and traveling.

Please note that for the goods of high value group , to ensure its benefits upon the occurrence of such incidents damaged , lost, lost … in the process of packing and shipping electronics customers should use the service to buy cargo insurance .



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