Standard ISPM15 packing

Standard ISPM15 packing

1)    Application range: 

Due to the Plant Protection Convention International ( IPPC) , most of the pallets are transported through national borders must be made ​​of materials that do not have the ability to carry invasive species of insects and plant diseases . The standards for the pallet and wood packing is specified in ISPM 15.

This standard specifies the phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of introduction or spread of plant quarantine pests related to wood packaging material – Wood Packaging Materials (including dunnage material) as coniferous wood or other kinds of raw wood used in international trade.

2) Based regulation:

Wood packaging material made ​​from raw wood often unprocessed or processed to eliminate, eradicate the pest and so this is the way the introduction and spread of pests. Moreover the wood packaging materials are reused frequently, recycled or remanufactured (packaging materials of an import shipment can reuse the packaging for other shipments for export).

The determination of the true origin of wood packaging material is very difficult , so the status of the plant quarantine this material can not be confirmed. Therefore , the process of risk analysis to determine what measures are necessary and the strengthening of this measure is often impossible for wood packaging material because the origin and quarantine official status our animals are not able to identify.

Therefore , this standard specifies the measures adopted in the global scope of the approved and can be applied to wood packaging material for all countries to eliminate the risk for most of the plant quarantine pests and significantly reduce the risk from other pests may be related to packaging material .

3 / wood packaging material to be adjusted:

This guide applies to packing maerials coniferous wood packaging and other types of wood that can be the way penetration of plant pests creating a major threat to plant life. They may be the pallets , pallets , dunnage material , wood paneling Statistics , boxes , crates , tables, supports, belts and other items that most inserts shipments are imported , including the average shipment often not the physical inspection of plant quarantine .

4 / The approved measures for wood packaging material:

a)     Handle by heat treatment:
Wood packaging material is heated in line with the provisions of the temperature and specific time , in order to achieve the minimum temperature at 560C in heartwood is within 30 minutes . The heat treatment is shown by letters HT standard marks .

b)    Handle by Methyl Bromide (MB):Wood packaging material ( pallets , pallets , dunnage material , wood paneling Statistics , boxes , crates , tables support , inserting the belt and other items ) must be sterilized by Methyl Bromide . The handling is written MB in the standard mark. Minimum temperature sterilization is not less than 100C.

5 / list of the most dangerous pests must be treated with HT or MB:

Group relating to pest wood packaging materials are eliminated by treatment measures HT and MB suit specified in the list below:

Pest group:








Lyctidae (with some exceptions for HT)




Nematode: Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

6 / Seal for approved measures:

IPPC – International Plant Protection Convention.

Mark stipulated above certifies that wood packaging material has undergone marked approved measures
Minimum mark consists of the following:

  • Symbol
  • Country code followed by the number given by the Office national plant protection granted to processing units .
  • IPPC abbreviation for approved measures ( eg HT to measure heat treatment and MB for disinfection measures using Methyl Bromide . )

Stamping should be:

  • Legal
  • Clear and easy to read
  • Permanent and not fade
  • Mark at visible position, at least in two opposite sides of the object to be certified.
  • Avoid using red or orange because this color is often used to label dangerous goods.



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