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Household stuffs packing

Red Ant provides service of packing all household as well as personal stuffs for moving and keeping in store. We apply appropriate packing method for each kind of goods to ensure best safe of goods in any case.

–         Packing electronics goods: laptop, printer, UPS, telephone, LCD monitor… we use packing material such as wrapping paper, air bubble nilon, foam, PE, PU, PP film, which is best protects goods from shaking, crashing to each others while moving.

–          Packing such fragile goods as fragrances ,lamps ,pottery, …: wap goods with air bubble nilon, which function as elastic shock resistance

–         Packing painting, map…: goods should be rolled up and put inton plastic tube or har paper tube.

Cargo packing

Packaging cargo is an important step to ensure the goods are not damaged during transportation among destinations.

With many years experience in the field of packaging and transporting cargo, with highly skilled staffs, Red Ant is confident always giving customers the best service for highest safety of cargo.

The benefits of packing machine/cargo

–         Safety for machine/cargo during transportation

–         Neat apperane for machine/cargo

–         Convinient to transport in big quantity.

Fragile goods packing

Are you wondering how to fully preserve and pack your fragile items during transport?

Let us help you.  We certainly will satisfy you with our service.

We use air bubble nilon to wrap fragile goods. For goods with sharp points or corners, we use some layers of of wrapping paper and nilon to minised broken. Each small piece will be wrapped separately.

Fragile goods should be spaced away from each other, from conners, form direct touch from cover and bottom sides. This wil prevent demage due to shocking and crashing by outside presure.

Tips for fragile goods packing:

– Bottle containing liquid: Bottles are sealed carefully to prevent liquid from flowing out when it is shocked.

– Packing such fragile goods as fragrances ,lamps ,pottery, …: wap goods with air bubble nilon, which function as elastic shock resistance

– Packing electronics goods such as laptop, printer, UPS, telephone, LCD monitor: need to be reinfoced with air bubble, foam…

– Packing painting, map…: goods should be rolled up and put inton plastic tube or har paper tube.

– Others: the principle is to cover and pack so that in case of shock, the good inside does not bear the direct pressure from outter box. The package should best fit with the goods and does not distort during moving.


Unloading and lifting goods

Red Ant proide service of unloading and lifting goods which are always safes, productive, efficient:

  • Appropriate working procedure
  • Well educated and experienced staffs
  • Well principled workers, professional working workers
  • Modern machines

With a team of professional workers, powerful machines (diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, integrated cranes, excavator) are widely distributed throughout, Red Ant have been providing the following services:

–         Lifting and unloading machines

–         Disassmbling and moving all kinds of machine

–         Assembling electricity wire and machines on requirement

–         Loading and unloading container

Packing consultant

Besides standard pallet and wooden case, we also provide customised product which are made unique and and free charge of designing. We are fully equiped, modernised machined, high productivity, allow us to take thousands products per month orders. Besides, our enthusiatics, experienced and friendly staffs will consult the most appropriate packing method and products which best fit with customer’s requirement. Using our service, you will get advatages of:

  • Cost saving
  • Time saving
  • High productivity

Lashing goods

With a team of technicians mooring cargo dunnage experienced under strict control , our strict assurance gives you a mooring line service professional for various kinds of goods as:

–         Lashing goods on pallet

–         Lashing goods in wooden case

–         Lashing goods on container

Some pictures of goods lashing

Vacuum packing 

The procdure of vacuum packaging include:

–         Measure all dimension, weight and check the nature, characteristic of the goods

–         Wrap nilon for the goods

Some pictures of vacuum packing

–         Wrap goods with PE film and vacuum aspiration

–         Make wooden case

–         Seal, mark goods, name goods to avoid missing and mixxing up.

–         Hand over to customer for checking and signing.

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